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Responsive websites. Logo. Brand identity. Photography.

Offer tailored to your needs.

responsive websites

Your new website will be responsive, i.e. it will automatically adapt to the size of the screen. It will also be optimized for SEO and will be visible on Google. And that’s not all. I also specialise in UX (user experience), and when creating websites I take into account not only aesthetics, but also simplicity, functionality and above all, desirability – customers’ ‘journey’ on your website will be intuitive, simple and will meet their needs.

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websites care

I will keep your website up to date and monitor SEO so you can concentrate on growing your business.

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logo | brand identity

My offer is for startups or small companies wanting to refresh their brand. 

Brand identity design will include:

  • logo and company name
  • typography
  • colour palette
  • company mission, values and communication language
  • business cards and headed paper


Would you like to have your special life moments captured to keep them and remember forever? They might be celebrations like family gatherings and birthday parties or just your normal days – spending time with your children or with your partner, maybe with your dog or a cat? Or maybe you’ve just had a new baby?

The pictures I take tell the story.

I’m specializing in friendly stress-free reportage photography. This kind of photography doesn’t include posing (unless specifically requested by the client), it’s more about observing and pressing the shutter in the right moment. No more artificial smiles and keeping your eyes wide open while waiting for the photographer to press the shutter. I will be there, quietly, in the background watching and capturing your special moments.

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