about me

Hey, my name is Natalia and I am a UX/UI Designer.

I work remotely from the UK. My home is my office 🙂

When you visit different websites do you struggle sometimes to find what you are looking for and quickly leave the website frustrated? There is too much text, the fonts are too small and it’s impossible to quickly scan it? There are no quick links where they should be and navigating is really hard.

Being passionate about user experience I help my clients to create websites that are clear and simple, and meet their customers’ needs.

I think it’s never too late to re-design one’s professional life, that’s why I decided to change mine and turn my passion into a career. 

I graduated from Wrocław University of Science and Technology in Poland with M.Sc. Degree in Urban Planning. I worked as a Planning Officer in Poland for 6 years and then moved to the UK, where I worked in Accounts for many years. As I was always missing the creative part of me, I began to help start-up businesses creating their brand identity, designing logos and marketing materials requested by friends, or people making contact via word-of-mouth recommendations.

When I broke my arm few years ago my physiotherapist turned out to be also an author. I translated his children’s book “Kevin the kangaroo that couldn’t hop” into Polish language and we published it in Poland as a bilingual two books set with one book to read in Polish and the second one to read in English and colour – I edited the scanned illustrations and did the graphic design/layout of the book. You can see the results on Kevin’s website. This is my pride and joy 😊

Since then I started doing more and more design, and I also started building SEO friendly websites in WordPress. When creating websites user experience has always been my priority, so I completed UX Design course and received Professional Diploma in UX Design. Few months later I received Professional Certificate in Visual Design. Now I am also a member of Interaction Design Foundation to continue my UX education.

In my free time I love to read books, swim and take pictures of nature.

…and I am in love with wombats! Cute Australian marsupials 😊🥰

Let's connect!

Wherever you are, feel free to contact me!

...Natalia has been a formidable and fantastic force without whom this project would never have eventuated, having initiated and overseen every step from 'go to whoa'. Natalia's best attributes are reliability, adaptability, honesty, diligence and a 'can-do' attitude: It was cognizance of these that gave me the confidence to allow her virtual free-reign in producing the aforementioned book and website without concern...

Jonathan Elabor
Senior Physiotherapist & Author MCSP SRP OLY